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Muni Alessandra Leykauf


Passion: The Male per se and the Female per se, the essence of the Male and the Female merging, creating a new spark, a new universe.

The Male respresented by a stroke with a totally different essence than the stroke for the female.

Like a concert, a partitur, in harmony, in disharmony, but mainly in synergy.

Like chemistry. This is what I would like to eternalize.

Apart from wanting to eternalize


The eternal breeze of the Maloja Mountains.

Wild, rough, unvincibal, enchanting, godly, eternal.


Often I have been told that I cannot and should not paint mountains.

As I can ever eternalize them as Giovanni Segantini did. Giovanni Seganti and Luigia Bugatti are my great grandparents.

And I am very greatful that their blood runs through my venes, their genes left their trace.

Never ever will I be able to paint like Giovanni Segantini, nor his children. Nor will I be able to create furniture, nor cars, nor sculptures like the Bugattis did.

But in my heart and in my soul I feel the Maloja mountains, and the desire to interpret them, my way, my style, and I will continue doing so. My style.



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