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Die Wandlung
by Wolfgang Lackerschmid



Lead Voice: Ronnel Bey – Text: Muni Alessandra Leykauf


Wolfgang Lackerschmid’s composition and Ronnel Bey’s voice are godly.

Unfortunately the recording is bad.

So I herewith invite all quires to study „The Wandlung“, submit the result, and the best performance will be published here.

Partitur upon request.


The story: Once upon a time, I was introduced to Wolfgang Lackerschmid, a brilliant composer and musician.

Weeks earlier he had been asked to compose a new piece, intended to be performed at the Irsee monastery, where each year innumberable laymen chosen artists and musicians meet each year to celebrate their respective art.


But he was lacking inspiration for a text.

I felt challenged, and wrote a text.

And then Wolfgang was inspired and composed Die Wandlung.


55 or so laymen musicians and singers studied the composition for a week, and at the end of the week, the Workshop then culminated in a final concert.

Sung in the Lead Voice by Ronnel Bey.

The week spent together was totally and wonderfully unforgettable.

The text:





Is it you who invented that game?
Do you want me learning through pain?
Do you want me suffering to grow

disillusions to believe?


Maybe it’s that you simply got bored,
would you tell me, did you get bored?
My joy, my hope up in the skies,
My source, my pain -Did the devil join the game?

That you, the two brothers

are fighting each other,
fighting for souls,tempting, convincing, wining and losing.
Us just mere pawns

In the fight of the Lords

Is this why we have to suffer my God?

Troubles through all my lifetime
Beein’ just a toy for the devil and God?
Causing dismay in my mind.
all divine deity
Buddha and Allah
Odin and Pan
Is it all you?

Krishna and Vishnu
Ogum and Xango
worshipped adored
many names for the same
Fighting your brother like Abel and Kain
Why are you God then my God?
What on earth is going on in heaven?
I challenge you to answer

Thank you for listening silent protector
source of my smiling, source of my pain
why do we have to suffer, oh tell me
is it to find a way to be free?

you are so silent my God
is fate the answer, is Nirvana the answer
or is Earth a mere school?
or are we paying, are we really paying,
still paying for long last sins?

never mind in which church we sit
never mind in which mosque we pray
nor the temple were we would meet
never mind where on Earth
brothers and sisters
all of them suffer
and search and cry and believe.

Me too.

Then God are we masochists
afraid to live joy
afraid just to be ourselves
and simply live joy

mere fear afraid of living dear
afraid of joy of bliss of you my God.
mere fear afraid of living dear
instead we are growing through pain or is it us
is it really us who invented that game?

humans make the rules
humans pray the rules
humans preach the sins
humans teach the sins

glorify suffering
stupid stupidity
we are indeed guilty
misinterpreting God
needing the suffering
wanting the suffering
lacking the courage to simply live free

what an excuse
humans make the rules
humans pray the rules
humans preach the sins
humans teach the sins
humans make the rules
humans pray the rules
humans want control
we want control

Is it us
preventing joy
us the church
us the rules
is it us
neglecting you my God
it must be us
neglecting thee, oh Lord

God give me the power
God give me the courage
please give me your blessing
and instinctive guessing

free – you want us to live free
free – all of us free
free of rules
free of prejudice
and free of sins
free us to be free, oh Lord

Brothers and Sisters let’s get up together
all of us one and unique
let’s live the freedom a gift of the heavens
free of the devil and free of all sins

me the responsible for all my suffering
not is it God but me
I am responsible, God is beside me,
God is inside me, I am so free

Let’s get up and live
leave all the suffering
and be responsible
get up be free

All your divinity
all is inside of me
all your religiosity
all of your strength
responsible for me
directly to thee

give me the courage
to live all the suffering
leave all the troubles
step out of the mud

I am responsible, God is beside me,
God is inside me, I am so free
All your divinity
all is inside of me

that’s how you want us to live
me, you, us, free,
free for us
directly to thee.